Test Data

Test data in SprintsQ is essential for reusing data across multiple tests, ensuring efficiency and consistency. When you edit test data, the changes automatically propagate to all associated test cases.

Types of Test Data in SprintsQ:

  • Text: This type can hold any text-based information such as page URLs, element names, test credentials, and more.

  • State: A 'state' captures all relevant data like cookies and local storage from a webpage. To record a state, you must replicate the same navigation steps as when creating a test case. For instance, modern web applications typically store user information in cookies and local storage, enabling automatic login without re-entering credentials. Utilizing 'state' test data can bypass repetitive login steps across test cases.

Creating Test Data:

  1. Select the 'Test Data' option from the left panel.

  2. Click on the '+Test Data' button to start the process.


  • Users must possess the appropriate permissions with 'test data creation' rights to create test data.

  • The values within a 'state' type are not visible to the users for security and privacy reasons.

By using test data effectively, you can streamline your testing process and avoid unnecessary repetition in your test cases.

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