• Company: Tells about the subscription plan, its validity, number of users, and projects involved in it

  • Users: Gives basic information about the members of your company. Users can be added to respective projects or removed only by the admin (i.e.) user with setting update permission access. Admin can only update the information about the other user. A user with prior access can only view the records of the respective projects.

  • Projects: Gives information about the various projects present in the company. Projects can be created and modified only by the Admins and users with setting update permission access.

  • Roles: When a user is added to SprintsQ, he/she can access the SprintsQ modules based on their roles. By default admin and Guest user roles will be created once you sign up. You can create a custom role with a set of permissions and assign the role to a user in user sections. There are 4 permission modes for each module - view, create, update, and delete.

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